Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

happy halloween everyone!! I hope everyone is having a good week so far and will have a great night tonight. I thought so pictures where awesome. i love the pumpkin of Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.
We dont have any huge plans or anything. Kason is WAY to young to trick or treat or anything but he does have a super cute pirate costume! So we are going over to my parents and his dads to show him off and then just hang out at home and watch scrubs :) we have the fifth season on DVD. its awesome :) we defiently love that show. Also i have been watchings Greys Atnomy. yah im addicted. lol. i watched it from 6pm lastnight until 1am. i have seasons 1-3 on DVD and im in the middle of 2.
I like being back at work, its nice to have a routine again, and to see the kiddos. I think we might go out to the library today, but not 100% sure on that one, lol im still getting use to all of them again.
well not much else going on, so i will let you all go. see ya.

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