Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sleepy Head

This is Kason as of 20 minutes ago and still going. love it. he is so stinkin cute. I wonder what he is dreaming about??
anywho sorry its been almost a week. Just got swept away with this week. its going by so quickly.
Logan has been out hunting the last two weekends. this is the last of the season... thank goodness, its all he has been talking about. lol. dont get me wrong i am super happy for logan. he loves doing this and he is extra excited when the weekends come around.
Kason turned 4 weeks tomorrow! HOLY HECK! no way! seriously! i have his birth annoucments, turned out SUPER cute, will be mailing those out shortly. already addressed the envelopes in all.
I go back to work next week. I am excited to be back to normal routine, but i sure do love staying at home all day too! :)
well have a great day everyone!


Donna said...


Kason is such a Cutie Pie!!

Rae said...

I better get one! Same with Kevin!!!

Amy said...

:) He's adorable. Do you get to take him to work with you?

AmyG said...

very cute! good luck on your 1st day back! :)

The Riggle's said...

These are the days!!! I love the age Addie is, but she is definately sooooooooo big compared to when she was that age. Where did the time go?? Remember when she couldn't even crawl yet?? Today will seem like yesterday in a few months when he's growing and learning new things.