Sunday, May 01, 2005


Ever feel that you have done so much in one day that it really didnt feel like 'just' one day, but more like two? Today Logan and i moved most of his things out of his apartment, let me tell you that moving out of an apartment on the second story isnt the funnest thing to do on a saturday. We have to get his couches still and TV, but thats for monday. Then after scrambling to get most things otu of the apartment we rushed home, and took showers and then i ran up to Amy's and we hung out. The boy went to Hooters and had a batcholer party for Logan, whom had a wonderful time. Rae, Carrie, My Mom, Amy, and I went to T.G.I. Friday's and then we went to Amy's and played a game called "girls night out" its like janga but when you pull out a block there is a question on it like "most embarrassing moment" or "worst first date" and then you got to pick who had to answer it. It was fun it lasted for a a while then someone kocked it down on accident and we just picked from the pile and everyone answered it. I liked it alot, it seemed for me that my mom and i got to hangout in a non-stressful enviroment and just have a good time with eachother, which is always nice and i love to do. Then the boys joined us and we had Cold Stone Ice Cream. I was going to try something new instead of my regular, but i failed on that one. I got there and was like "ill get the usual" which is CAKE BATTER AND COOKIE DOUGH, you may frown and say thats nasty, but trust me its so yummy!! oh man i love that stuff :) anywho well that was my wonderful day, but im excited for tomorrow. It's Logan and mine's last sunday at the branch, and so we are sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we know we will see them all again. Only 6 more days until we get married!! i'm super excited! this may come off as weird, but it still hasnt hit me yet that im getting married. i've talked to a few people and they said it was about 2-3 weeks later it had it them that they were married. Prolly be around the same for me... nite


amy said...

Glad you had fun.

joeloke22 said...

he must be a faithful guy!