Sunday, May 08, 2005


Married, it doesnt seem so, but i am! we decorating Friday for our recption, and it was wonderful seeing how many people came out to help us make the gym look like a beautiful garden. Logan and I left early to pick up his Bestfriend Brad from the portland Airport... once we got down there we didnt even rocgnize Brad.. he looks so different!!! we hung out and tried to find the hotel, which was enteresting and a WHOLE lotta fun!!! then that night we swam with my family and our wedding partya t the pool at hte hotel.. it was so much fun.. i love to swim.. then the next morning we got married and i have never been so happy in my life... ilove Logan and i am so excited to start this journey with him... this morning we woke up at 3:30am and got ready to fly to San Diego.. which it is beautiful here!! ... so on our flight they bumped us up to FIRST CLASS!!! then when we went to pick up our rental Crystler Sibring, they gave us a convertable for no extra cost! i already have a nice color comming to my skin.. RED lol hee hee but no its wonderful here.. and i keep you posted!!


AmyG said...

Thanks for the update!!!! :) So glad you guys are having a fun time. I want to see pictures!!

Hope you guys have the time of your life this week.

It was great being able to share your special day with you two.

I love you!

Anonymous said...

hope u have a pleasant week!


matthew said...

good you guys.that was fun.

Mom said...

Laura, I finally had time to read all of your blogs. They are great. I hope you and Logan are having a great time. I miss you. I wanted to tell you again what a beautiful bride you were. I know you are going to be very happy. See you on Saturday., Love Mom