Tuesday, May 03, 2005

New Fad

Fad have been around forever...its about time that one is finnally helpful for the cumminty, and even the world. These rubber bracelets have became so popular over the past year that is unbleiveable. I mean low rise pants have swept the country, but i think that these are a little more tasteful :)... anywho different ones help out different funds... Like the yellow one is for Cancer, the pink one for Breast Cancer. There are purple ones that say HOPE, there are blue ones that are for the tsunami relife, there are red white and blue colored ones that say SUPPORT OUR TROUPS... the original starter of this great fad is Lance Armstrong. Yes i am a victim of this fad, but im proud to wear these bright color because i want to be a supporter of researches, of foundations that help people. When i see them in the stores i look to see what they are for... some just say the name of a store, and those dont intrest me, only the ones that actually go somewhere useful... what fad is next?
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Amy said...

cool pictures Laura! great depth of field.

joeloke22 said...

dunno....famine? feed the poor?...maybe they r already there & i don't know it.