Monday, June 09, 2008


okay seriously is this a joke? haha joke over now.
it is June 9th and its POURING RAIN outside and COLD!
what the heck??? that forecast is this week. JUNE 10-16th!!

This time last year i was huge and preggo and sweating like CRAZY! I was constantly making slushies, putting out the sprinkler for Ethan and the neighborhood kiddos. We were often going down to the water fountain in Olympia, and the babies where in just diapers all day long.

This time around- kason is in jeans and long sleeves. Addie is wearing thick pants and sweaters. Ethan went to school in a jacket. there is no need for slushies, sprinklers, or shorts.
My cute Capri's i bought when we had a week of beautiful weather a couple months back are folded up in my dresser begging to come out.
so if anyone with the special ability to change the weather, please make the NW SUNNY like it should be! thank you.

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Amy said...

wasn't the sun nice yesterday?!! and this morning - so beautiful