Wednesday, June 25, 2008

thats better

thats how summer is suppose to be right? about time.
We have defiently been taking advantage of the weather.
Friday was beautiful. We had our friends Chris and Kelly and their daugher Allison over for BBQ and then we headed over to Long Lake to swim. When we got there the sun had gone behind the tree's and it was shady. the water was a bit cold, but not bad. Kason even went in. He loved it.
Saturday we had our 2nd annual fathers day bike ride. The boys had to do a bunch of things which included-mini golfing, counting prairie dogs, quading, and much more. It ended with a super yummy bacon burger dinner.
Sunday was beautiful. Logan and I went to the park with his side of the family for a picnic and to say goodbye to his dad and step mom for 4 months, they are going to San diego for work. Lucky Ducks.
Monday was also beautiful!
Tuesday was great. We went downtown to the fountain and Ethan went in and played and the babies and i watched. Kason liked crawling on the wet ground, but as soon as the water got him he gave us dirty looks! lol it was funny.
Then logan and I made fried rice and went to the lake again with Carrie and Brinnon. The sun was out almost the whole time this time and the water was a bit warmer. The kids both loved it. Brinnon's first time in a lake.
Tonight not too much planned, laundry at my moms. she has a nice cool downstairs in her house. yay!

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