Thursday, June 26, 2008

9 months?

Kason will be 9 months on Saturday... weird.
he got weighed and measured today.
19lbs 5oz (10lbs since birth!)
28inches (7.5inches since birth)
He is doing very well. right on track.
he is 25% for height 50% weight and 75% for head size (its logan's fault! lol)
we did find out though he has a double ear infection. weird. he hasn't been really fussy or anything.
his asthma is still ongoing. he gets his meds twice a day now. but she did say that he sounds alot better than usual. YAY!

Some of the things Kason does:
crawls (army and regular)
pulls up on stuff
found our DVD player!
loves books
can go from crawling to sitting
eats table foods and loves it!
I'm sure there is more, but im tired! lol
Kason got his first tooth brush today!

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Shawna said...

OH my gosh he is getting SO BIG!!!

I love this page!!!!