Thursday, May 07, 2009

4 YEARS!!!

it has been 4 YEARS since we got MARRIED!
These last 4 years have been amazing and wonderful and i can't wait for another 4 years times a million!!!!

We have gone through a lot in the last 4 years that has strengthen our relationship. I will admit that going through the tough times it was hard to see the outcome but having Logan by my side he has helped me realize that i can do it and that things will be okay and look up.
In the last 4 years we have:
lived with my parents
moved to utah
made it on our own
moved back to washington
moved in with my parents
got preggers with kason
adopted Dannon
moved out on our own
had Kason
been through jobs and school
and now we are MOVING AGAIN!!
yup! now that ive told my family (who i think its mostly who reads this anyways) we are moving.
out to Matlock! yeah its a tiny tiny farmer community outside another smaller town! lol its about 50 minutes from here. we are excited for this and feel that this is whats best for us right now and to help us in the future.


Nadeau Family said...

WHAT!?! Where in Matlock?

Amy said...

Congrats! On the 4 years, on the move, and on everything! You guys are fabulous and I'm glad you got hitched.

Eric said...

Laura I love reading your blog. It is so wonderfully happy and full of energy. Congratulations on your anticipated move.

Sister Perplies (not Eric)