Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kason is now 2!

Okay so i remember counting down the months, weeks, and days of my pregnancy and now im posting about Kason being 2!?!?!?!?!
where does the time go?
no really if you know please tell me!!
Anywho so Kason is doing wonderful. He is such a happy independent wonderful little guy. Here are some facts
-Height- 32 3/4 inches (25%)
-Weight- 30.2 lbs (30%)
-He talks up a storm here at home or in the car but usually when he is around other people other than daddy and mommy he is super quiet and wont talk until he gets use to the other around him and then he is mr. chatty
-Loves to run, jump and climb up on everything. He is still our little Monkey.
-He loves animals especially COWS or as he calls them CR-OWES. He picks grass and tells me he wants to feed the cr-owes.
-He is starting to be a big help around the hosue and picks up his toys when asked.
-LOVES LOVES the wiggles!!!! Kason has NEVER been one to sit and watch tv. Not even like 5 minutes... he would look at the screen then take off and play. Well one day we found out Kason LOVES the wiggles and will sit down and watch it over and over again... we are going out soon to buy more DVDs because this one is driving me nuts!!
-Kason is a great eater adn loves to feed himself.
-Kason is FINALLY off all his medication for his Asthma!!! yay!! he still has his enhaler incase there are emrgencies or bad colds but he doesnt have to have the daily puff anymore!! thats awesome!!
-Kason is on day 4 of potty training and its fantastic!! he is pretty much good to go.. hardly ever has an accident anymore and tells me everytime he needs to use the potty. He only wears diapers to bed. We did straight up no diapers or pull-ups just undies and he did wonderful! i highly suggest that!

Yesterday was his appointment for his 2 year and he is doing great. the doctor is super pleased with everything and says that his speech is wonderful for being just 2 and that he is pretty much potty trained is fantastic! yay!! im glad he is on course!

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Stephanie said...

does this mean time for baby #2? :)