Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pee trained!

so you may ask exactly what is "pee trained" well its potty trained but with pee! lol
anywho Kason is doing excellent with going on the potty!! ZERO accidents Sunday or yesterday except 1 poopie.. we are still workin on the poop.. any suggestions?
anywho im very proud of Kason for doing this potty training stuff so young and quick!! 5 days and he was done with the pee!!

We had a great Saturday. My aunt Jean got married on Saturday so we headed over to Eatonville for the wedding and it was lovely.. outside so it was cold but it was still fun. There was a large pond with coy (is that how you spell it?) fish and he loved watching the "fifis" we then headed over to Cabelas and walked around and kason again loved the "fifis" there too. we spent an hour watching the fishes and looking at all the other animals..

Sunday sucked though. woke up with food poising (thank you long john silver!) and spent the early EARLY morning (4am) doing stuff in the bathroom that is too nasty to write in a blog lol
so im not going to

anywho well life is back to normal and we are just playing, working on the potty training (poopies) and having fun.
my baby bunnies are doing WONDERFUL and cant wait until theuy get bigger and can leave the nest..in about a week in half! :)

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Anonymous said...

Koi, sorry you were sick continue on the poopies lol
love dad