Thursday, October 01, 2009

What have we been up to?

So it seems that everytime i get on here i say that im sorry because its been SO LONG since i last posted...
well i think its time we all get use to the fact that with my internet connection its ALWAYS going to be a LONG time between posts.
oh well.
Anywho... So Lets see what happen this summer.
-We had a great 4th of July. We had a pig roast out here with tons of people and then we did fireworks. We also camped outside with Logan's siblings and our friend Kelly and Chris. That was alot of fun. They also rode quads too.
-There was a cute calf born on the 2nd of July. A little boy named Indy (for indepence) since he was so close to the 4th
-Logan and I went to a Mariners game at the end of July. It was my first and I have to tell you im not a HUGE baseball fan but i LOVED the game it was SO MUCH FUN! THe food, smells, the games they play during plays etc. etc. it was just alot of fun
-At the end of July we had a family reunion for Logan's Dad's side. It was fun. At a park in Shelton. There were alot of people from last year we got to see again and chat with so that was good!
-In August i had my sisters oldest 3 kids out here for 4 days. that was alot of fun. they had a great time and helped out ALOT too. they are awesome kids
-Towards the end of August my sister and her kids and kason and i all went up to my Grandma McGuire's house and picked blackberries about 7 gallons!! We then made 22 pints of Jam!!! it was fun to hang out and learn something new with my sister!
-My brother and his wife bought their first house in the end of August!!! wa to go guys!! i cant wait until logan and i do that!! :)
-Labor day weekend was a blast!!! We had a ton of fun even though is poured a few times and our Tent tried to become a house boat! lol we did stay dry though. Kason loved being outside all the time and getting dirty.. he is really good at that!!!
-I ran my first 5k on September 13th!! it was awesome. I did the bank to bay in tacoma and i cant wait until next year to do it again... i do plan on doing 5ks through out the year though.
-We went to the Puyallup Fair and it was awesome. Kason loved to watch everything and eat all the junk food! lol Logan and I love the fair so it was a good time!!
-My rabbit had her second litter (first litter all died) and they are doing wonderful!!! I have 6 babies 3 black and whites, 1 all black with some brown underneath, 1 orange, and 1 brown and gray. they are a week today!!!
-Kason turned 2!! crazy!! i will post a post all about him in a few minutes...

well thats all i can think about right now... im sure i will come up with more sooner or later

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