Tuesday, October 13, 2009

our little nudest

yeah thats right guys
kason is a nudest
he has ALWAYS hated clothes, even as an infant he would rather be naked with just a diaper in our arms and a blanket.
now he is buck naked running around eating crackers and playing cars.
great fun
i dont mind now that he is potty trained and wont pee everywhere.
plus we live in the middle of nowhere and nobody is going to just stop by and he's 2. not a big deal
anywho yeah thats my tid bit for the day
oh my bunnies are doing FAB and i have played with them away from the momma for like 10 minutes at a time and they do great!!

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Alyssia said...

That's cute... Thank you for your comment on my miscarriage. At times I feel okay with it, but then I see other happy pregnant women, and a lot of them my friends and feel that it should be me and then I feel like I took two steps back. What helped you get through it?