Wednesday, December 23, 2009

November AND December in a nutshell

November and December have pretty much flew by on us so fast!!!
These last few months have been crazy and Kason has grown up so much and so quick!!
November was great.. the weather started to get colder and actually less wet!!
I made a schedule for Kason and I for the day.. i felt like our days were slipping by and we were getting nothing done whatsoever... so we started structering our days and it worked wonderfully!
We have a time for everything yet its still flexible to do other stuff and run late etc.
But we have been working on our colors, shapes, etc. etc. and he is soaking everything up and loves to ask what everything is now.. like colors.. he loves circles and will paint circles all the time.
Kason started spouting off sentences in the middle of November.. he has always talked well for us... and we was started to put a couple words together here and there, but then one day it was like BAM and he started chattering away in sentences we can mostly understand! his first sentence was "Mommy i made a mess, Need a towel" and he actually did need a towel! lol had hot chocolate on the kitchen chair! the other day he announced that "Cows eat grass"... it was so random!
Thanksgiving was great. We spent it with Logan's Moms side this year... tons of family, yummy food, and games.. it was alot of fun and it was nice to see everyone together.
Shortly after Thanksgiving the weather went to freezing!! i mean we got down to 6 degrees a few nights in a row! INSANE! and then during the day never got over 22! Our pipes froze one morning for over 5 hours!! I was changing out our rabbits water twice a day to keep it from freezing SOLID! the fish pond here was so thick of ice i could stand on it!
KASON IS NOW IN A BIG BOY BED! crazy!! when did my little baby boy get so big?!? we bought an awesome toddler bed almost a year ago because Kason was climbing up on EVERYTHING and we feared his crib was next... well he never climbed out until now... he woke us up one morning by just standing by our bed staring.. it was weird lol...
he lped me take down the crib and put it away and put up his new bed.. he LOVES the bed and stays in it at night and naps!! he sleeps great, even better now.. so it was not as bad as we though it would be!
We got snow in the start of December sometime.. it was just about .5in but still it was snow and not just ICE which was all we were having.. it was fun. We took Kason out (thankfully his snowsuit from last year barely fits) and he played and played in the snow and loved sliding down the slide that was snow covered.. and watching all the cows in the snow..
We have been working on art alot here and Kason has made a few ornaments for himself to put on the tree, pictures with paint, playdough and much more.. he is loving all the art time and is now asking to paint first thing in the morning!!
We are spending Christmas Eve and Day with my family this year... we hear Santa maybe stopping by my Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve!! i hope he does so Kason can say hi! He loves Santa and talks about him and knows he assocatied with Christmas...
Sunday we are to give a talk at church on Goals and Resolutions.. im not excited lol. i really dont like giving talks.. but oh well. :) im hoping for the best..
well i think i hit the basics on our livesi n the last few months and hopefully i will get WAY better at blogging!!

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