Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Potty Time-Round two

Back towards the end of October we got the swine flu, Kason and I. He was done with the pee part of potty training and was close on the poopy part... then we got that stupid flu and all went away..
Kason was so sick he just laid down and did nothing.
it was sad to see.
We tried to pick it back up when we got better, but then he got sick again, and then we went to the great wolf lodge with Amy and her family and Adam and i didnt want to have him wanting to use the potty all day then so i said id start after thanksgiving, well time flew by on a jet and here we are after the new year.
This morning (tuesday morning) i gave Kason the option to use undies or diapers. he chose undies with excitment and put them on... he used the potty like a champ and had one accident about an hour into it, a poopy. he went the rest of the day perfectly fine, no accidents! he even walked into the bathroom once and pulled down his pants and said he needed to go!! everytime he takes his pants of he checks to see if he is dry and then yells "DRY MOMMY" and smiles big!
so cute!! we even drove to town and went shopping and came home with no accidents at all!! he did have another poopy before bed... so if we work on the poop i think we got it!!
im glad he is easy with transition things like this.. the bottle he never missed it and the binky was good to go in a day. we lucked out with this one.
tonight before bed i braved it and gave him the option of diapers or undies and he chose undies and i explained all about no peepeeing in the bed.. we will see.. everything is washable so im not worried about it or anything.
anywho thought id update... christmas pictures coming soon with updates on that :)

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