Wednesday, January 13, 2010

open mouth-insert foot

why is it that i always speak too soon?
The day after my last post Kason peed his pants a million times, and everyday since then. Over the weekend we put him in diapers... i know once you switch to undies you shouldnt go back, but the weekend was insane and i couldnt change his clothes 500 times.
i dont get it.. he was perfect the first day, which is usually the hardest, and then just didnt care the rest... he played in the wet pants and everything didnt bother him one bit!
i wish we never got that stupid swine flu, yes im being whiny in this post, sorry

on to better news... one of the cows out here, Tanner, had her calf yesterday, we think its a boy, havn't gotten too close, but he is super cute with brownish fur adn a white face with an L on it! lol too cute.. he is super tiny though... we hope he will be okay.
anywho well not much else going on here. its quiet, Kason is out like a light so im enjoying the peace. House is clean so thats nice too.. i think ill relax, soak it all in, and crochet with out a little helper!

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Rob, Brooke, Breanna and Ethan said...

oh my goodness!!! i hope it'll work next time. that stinks that he didn't care after that......and the first day he did perfectly!!!!

okay, so breanna is "potty trained" but 2 days ago i was nursing ethan in the other room and putting him down for a nap. she was playing a computer game. she decided to take off her pants and undies and POOP ON THE GROUND (our carpet) are you kidding me!!!!!!????!?!?!? so, anywho, for 3 weeks in Colorado she had only 1 accident on christmas morning ( i think it's justified.....who wouldn't pee their pants when they get so excited about christmas :) but, the day she pooped on the floor she had 3 accidents in one day......

um.....not cool!!!