Thursday, February 11, 2010


I think Heavenly Father blessed us with Kason to teach me patience.
My Mom use to tell me that I was born without patience because I was born in a Hallway and couldnt wait the extra few minutes to the delivery room.
sorry mom.
I guess all kids are here to teach us patience.
Can I say lesson learned and now Kason can be not so.. trying?
It was worth a shot.
Kason is a good kid, don't get me wrong.
But he is a BUSY kid.. always has been since he started to roll over, at 2 WEEKS! That was a sign and I should have prepared better lol.
Kason is also STUBBORN! i mean extreamly... and it doesn't help him that both his parents are very stubborn as well.. poor child.. no hope in that department...
So when Kason gets it in his mind to do or want something... there is no stopping him with out a fight.
Lastnight he fell asleep in the car on the way home from Shelton (about 25 minutes) and usually we can take him right inside and put him to bed... well not lastnight. He was wide awake and insisted on staying awake for what seemed FOREVER! we laid with him for just over 2 HOURS! and he finally fell asleep, as well as my self. He wasnt screaming or anything the whole time, just laying there...
I HATE just sitting somewhere and doing nothing, or in last nights case laying, its boring. i dont like boring.
so I came to the conclusion Kason is here to teach me patience. It's okay though because i know that one day he will have a kid that will teach him patience.. payback...Heavenly Father has a funny sense of humor sometimes i think.. :)
On another note...
We are back into potty training..and this time im not going to speak too soon. iv'e learned my lesson.
We went out and bought a potty for him.. somethign i didnt really want to do, all the cleaning and stuff ew.. BUT since i have started to watch my sister-in-laws kids a few hours a week Kason has become very interested in their little kid potty.. and im tired of diapers.. and my child stripping all the time to pee in the potty.. so we jumped back in.. bought stickers for a chart and a potty.. i let him pick his potty out.. i gave him a choice of two potties... one very basic and plain that can convert to the big potty and become a step stool also.. and the other one is super basic too, its green and has a frog face and feet... he stood there in the potty isle at wally world for like 5 minutes checking out both potties and even sitting on them FINALLY he picked the frog.
As soon as we got home he carried inside the house and showed it to everyone that was home.. he was SO proud of his new potty..and he has been doing good... only one accident yesterday during lunch time, and he sat on the potty alot by himself to go, and 2 times he forgot to take the undies off.. oops.. at least he was trying.. and the stickers are a huge sucess here too. i got him car stickers and HE LOVES them.. so lets hope for the best and this is it..? maybe.. im stickin to it this time to quitting.
anywho.. well not much else going on here.. so ill let you all go now :)

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