Wednesday, February 24, 2010

we did it!

I dont want to be over confident but i think we did it! i think Kason is pretty much potty trained, he still has an accident here or there, and we are trying hard on the poopies... but he stays dry ALL NIGHT LONG and ALL NAP LONG!
Way to go Kason!
On another note.. we went to the Dr. on Monday for Kason, he was complaining of ear pain and it was yucky looking.. for those who dont know kason got tubes in his ears nov. 2008 so its been over a year and only with one infection!
well the tubes finally came out within the last three weeks (the dr. checked them 3 weeks ago and they were fine then) and he already has an infection in the right ear! dang it! so i made an apt. with the ENT dr. again and see if he needs another surgery.. we will see.

Not alot else going on. I need to get my bootie in gear and pack tonight. Kason, Dannon, and myself are going to my parents for over a MONTH to housesit while they play Oldies in AZ and snowbird it with my grandparents... i hope they have a great time... while i enjoy the following i have missed for the past 8+ months
-MY OWN BATHROOM!!(well make that 3)
-eat whatever i want too
-fenced in yard for Kason and dannon
-the ability to post pictures WHENEVER i want too
and im sure there are more....
anywho well thats all i have for today!!

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Rob, Brooke, Breanna and Ethan said...

Laura, can't wait for you to be in Lacey again!!! Congrats on the potty training! We have been passing sickness around from one of us to the it's been crazy around here. We are actually healthy today, so hopefully that will last. Ethan recently had a double ear infection and I'm worried he still might have issues cuz he is still cranky and the Dr. said he still had fluid in the ears. Obviously it sounds like u have lots of experience in that area.

Sorry for being such a lame friend for the past.....FOREVER......I really am excited to be able to hang out :)