Wednesday, March 03, 2010

our home

i know its only been a week.. well even less than a week, since we came to my parents to house sit, but i already miss a bit of the farm life. i know some people think im crazy for living out in the boonies with no TV and only dial up net and living so far from stores and such, but it really suits us and i love it alot. there are days i complain about the net or stuff like that, but i really do like it alot out there.
Kason too. He has really missed his animals.. talks about them alot.
i took these pictures about 2 weeks or so ago.. right before V-Day.

this is Penelope, my momma rabbit. My other one ran away back in Nov. and then i got this lovely girl
this is Sweet Pea. She is Penelopes daughter and she is so sweet and cute i love her. I got her back in Nov. too.This is Harley. He is the biggest, goofiest, silliest, doofesty, smartest dog ever. He is really. He plays stupid perfectly, but he is a smart dog. He gets what he wants when he acts stupid lol
I love his big brown eyes, they are so beautiful to me... makes me a sucker to give him my scrapshis big ol nose.he really is a beautiful dog
Doesnt she look Happy? This is Dutchess. She is the happiest, sweetest dog ever. Shes a lover. This is her smile face.
Our cats think their dogs.
we have 9 cats.
all but 3 are tame and will sit and beg for food right next to the dogs on the back porch...
it gets crowded.I cant wait for spring, and i think the trees agree. this tree is already flowered now after i took this pic!this is miss Molly. She was our first calf this year, back in early jan, and was premie. she is so tiny!! she is actually smaller than the newborn calf that was born on Feb. 16th. crazy!!
this is her protective momma Tanner. Yes she was mooing at me to get away from her baby.
this is the stare down.
they won
i walked awayThis is witchy.
enough said?
actually Witchy is super nice when she wants to be, just dont grab her baby...
my life flashed before my eyes that day
she is pretty though, and has huge horns.
This is Bess. My fav. isnt she cute?
i know your thinking DUDE SHE IS A COW
but she is a cute cowand the nicest cow you will ever meet.
This is the Cow that Kason rides.
seriously. we put him up on her back, help him balance and she walks around.
Who needs horses when you got Bess?
she her huge belly? She is pregnant, well she was in the pic.
She had her baby on MONDAY! im so excited, im going to train this baby! Its a boy and im super excited to train it to be nice like his momma!!This is Stinky. He has a white stripe down his back, hence the name Stinky.
Like his curls on his head? they are like messed up side burns or something!
this is witchy boy. She has 4 babes. Stinky and his sister MooMoo are identical. Then there is CoCo who is all black with a brown stripe, and then our newest (besides Bess') Bullseye is all black with a white spot on his, well his you know what :)
well thats it for all the farm pics.
hope you enjoyed seeing our cow family!
and Bunnies
and Dogs and cats!


Mike and Traci said...

Your pictures are beautiful! And, honestly, I think it's awesome you live where you do. I think I prefer the lifestyle that you and your cute family live actually! I'm not a city girl, that's for sure! I bet it's been super good for Kason as well! You're such a good mom! Also, I love your blog header. Love the colors, love the graphics, love the pictures, love everything about it!

Mike and Traci said...

Oh ya, and about Ellanie's hair...we are super lucky. It's usually pretty straight, however if I get it wet, just scrunch it a little, and then add a little gel it stays curly! So, unfortunately, I can't take credit for it. She just has great hair. Lucky girl :).