Friday, March 12, 2010

bath tub paint!!

Kason LOVES to paint
Kason LOVES to take baths
so when i found this recipe
we had to try it. It was super easy and fun and Kason LOVED IT! my only complaint is that the paint stung his eyes when they accidently got in them.. also it was ALOT of soap.. i made 4 colors so that was 1cup of dish soap... all went down the bathtub drain... and that soap ment bubbles coming out of the toliet downstairs... whoops.. so the next night i made two colors... and i halfed the recipe.. it was the perfect ammount for just Kason...
next time we make it im going to use kids soap and see how that works instead of dish soap.
Here are pictures from our first try-
-sorry the pictures are in reverse order.. blogger hates me today-

-my revised recipe-
you will need a small container (muffin tins or small bowls)
1TBS cornstarch
1/8 cup dish soap
3 drops food coloring
1TBS water
step 1- put cornstarch in container
step 2- add soap and food coloring to cornstartch and mix until smooth
step 3- add water and mix
step 4- enjoy!
what i really LOVE about this recipe is that it DOES NOT STAIN (well im not sure about grout) and you just wipe the tub and walls clean and the shower looks brand new!!!

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