Thursday, March 11, 2010

spring please come soon

last week we had BEAUTIFUL weather.. no rain, and around 60 degrees.. it was wonderful.. we were outside everyday, went to parks, had playdates, had friends over for a picnic, went to my brother's for a BBQ, went on walks... now this week.. its rainy and yucky and cold. i hate nice weather like last week around this time of year, ONLY because its a teaser.. spring is not here yet.... oh well it will come soon.
last friday i had two friends over and their kiddos.. we had a picnic and made crafts and played played played all afternoon. KASON LOVED IT!!!

i adore this pictureswing monkey swing!!
Kason loves the swings and now is on a big boy swing.. he doesnt go as fast so he still likes the littler swings that buckle, then he can go HIGH and FAST!
ill just stare at these pictures until spring comes! :)

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