Monday, October 27, 2008

playing catch up

"hello my name is Laura. This is my first time here and well... i will just say it I am a blog neglecter"
okay so this is not a B.N.A. meeting (blog neglecter anonymous) but i thought i would admit my problem here. lol
Okay so I'm not horrible at blogging, its just life is so busy right now. shall i explain? lol
its hunting season. so Logan is off Sunday until Wednesday afternoon then he is at work and i do laundry on Wednesday's so i don't really see him until Thursday night through Sunday morning. so sad lol.
Also i am currently looking for a new job. Clara and Derek decided that its time for Addie to go into daycare while Ethan is in full time school. I will miss them but understand. Now i wish i could stay home with Kason, but that's not the case so I'm off looking for a new nanny job. no luck yet but hopefully soon.
Keeping up with Kason is getting harder and harder, but i am happy he can walk now. he is getting better and better each day and its nice to not have to carry him EVERYWHERE anymore. YAY!
Well here are pictures to sum up September until now.
Kason is a Monkey for Halloween so to go with his nursery theme i did his birthday party in Jungle Theme and took his pictures in his costume for his invites. this is the one i chose for the invite, the rest are just too cute.
the sun was awesome!
our child is obsessed with my cell phone. its come to the point that he screams if im on the phone because he wants it. well now he doesn't get to play with it at all anymore and its getting better! lol
he loved crawling as fast as he can and attack the camera!
i can't get enough of his blue eyes and happy smile!
Kason LOVES to swing. He would stay there all day if id let him!
not the best picture but i love his face in it!
So we got a vita mix Labor Day weekend. We love making smoothies in it and lots of soups and sauces too! Kason loves the smoothies as well. I finally just let him have a spoon and a bowl of smoothie and let him go to town.
one happy baby!
can i get one big YAY for spray n wash?
note- look at how long his hair is!! WOWZERS! it is NOW way shorter!!
His first white shirt and tie! so cute!!

For his birthday he had birthday pancakes (we sang and had candles) and his first taste of milk. it was in a new sippy he got from adam and carrie for his birthday but he kept playing with the top of it lol so we poured it in a bottle so he would get a drink.-- too bad we didn't know he was allergic!
PUMPKIN PATCH TIME!! look at that face!! we went with Adam, Carrie, Brinnon and Sam and my parents came for a bit too. we had tons of fun with corn shooters, hay, petting zoo, pumpkins, and hay rides!
trying to get my camera
feeding the goats with my dad. He had a good time, and the goats were super friendly, infact all the animals were.. super super friendly!
Kason and the piggies. they never moved! yes they were real and alive
this picture CRACKS me up! look at his face! lol how funny is that?? he was like "mom what is it? do i have to touch it... okay okay i will"
then he poked it. just one finger, his pointer, and poked it and smiled up at me like "see i touched it"
HAY RIDE!! me and Kason... i look funny but Kason is lookin studly!
Kason with a pumpkin. I let him loose and he wobbled around and crawled and sat by this pumpkin for a while. I finally made him move to find one with a better stem. this one was all cracked and i didnt want to carry it all the way back.
found a better one.. see the stem! lol
playing on the pyramid of hay. He had tons of fun.
this boy loves to climb! he is a pro at the stairs, and now hay! lol i got him in a tot gym class at the Y and he loves it! yay!
had to show this picture. that was pretty much the only cloud in the sky. it was warm too. a bit of a breeze but warm enough to have no coat or anything, short sleves only... but Kason had a sweatshirt-yucky cold! lol

wow i think i got it all.. you still with me? wow you are a star! promise to be better

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