Monday, October 20, 2008

Our bubble boy

Logan and I often joke that Kason should be in a bubble for his own protection.
Just two weeks after he was born he has his first cold, that started it all.
At one month Kason became super constapated and had issues going number 2. He was put on a daily laxitive that he took morning and night.
He constantly had colds which were always back to back.
He had brochulatis twice.
ruptured ear drum
5 ear infections since April
at 7 months he was diagnosed with Asthma which now his medication is bumped up to 4 puffs of his meds a day. two in the morning and two at night. A nebulizer when needed.
At about 9-10 months Kason was able to start to eat cheese, yogurt, pudding etc. just not straight milk. Well we noticed about 10-11 months he started to spit up again. something he stopped doing long ago. I didn't think twice about it, but then at 12 months like every parent we gave Kason straight milk. We were happy to see him enjoy it and be off formula. Well he kept spitting up and then he started to be constapted again.. after talking to our doctor we put him on Soy Milk. Kason can no longer handle formula (which he has since 2 weeks old) can't do milk even if its mixed in something like Mac n Cheese or sauces like that. No ice cream, yogurt, pudding, etc. etc.
Then on Friday we had an appointment with the ENT here in Olympia and Kason is scheduled to have surgery to have tubes in his ears on November 3rd.
so this is why Kason needs to be in a bubble.
Instead of a monkey we should put him in a bubble for halloween. lol
I hope all this works its self out and he can have milk eventually. until then Logan and I have gotten use to having Soy around and cooking with it. bye bye cow juice!

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