Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Kason loves to be outside. He loves to play in the grass and crawl anywhere and everywhere. This summer he loved to just be outside all the time and explore, but as the weather gets colder and wetter its getting harder and harder to allow him to do so. Today was nice and so we all went outside and my friend Brooke and her daughter Breanna came over. We had alot of fun until the darn bee's came after us. they are so agressive this time of year i hate it.
anywho got some fun pictures but also a video!! Kason walks like a robot by him self but when he is holding onto something he is off like lightening. Breanna had a toy baby stroller and brought it over and Addie loved to sit in it and Breanna would push then they would switch.. well i put Addie in it and had Kason try and he LOVED it! he took off and was just super happy! he did it for a while and Addie just sat there and enjoyed the free ride!!

Pretty cute video huh?

he loved going down the sidewalk turn, sit laugh and smile then come back and start it all over again.

He LOVED it stand and hit the street light pole. it made a small banging sound and he thought that was pretty dang coolthen Addie joined in on the pole hittingthe leaves outside their house look soo cool, like they are burnt on the edges.. i had to take a picture!
i absoulty love this video because its totally Kason. He loved to make noises and attack you. after the video turned off he ended up crawling over my head and onto my back and down my legs then back again lol thats my boy!

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fun videos!