Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Maddie: 3 months

Dear Madison,
You are growing up to fast! Slow down a bit for your mommy, please! These pictures were actually taken when you were about 3.5 months. We had a bit of printer issues and i was not able to make your adorable onsie until today, november 14th.

We did not have you weighed for your 3 month mark, but if i had to guess you would be about 10-11lbs. You are my tiny little girl. We get many remarks about how adorable and tiny and petite you are. You are wearing 0-3 month clothes and have finally out grew your newborn clothes. You can still fit into a few newborn pants though.

You are eating 4-6oz every 4-6 hours. You have also started sleeping 10 hours at night. This is amazing considering you are only 3 months old!! We have started a bedtime routine as well. You get a bottle about 8 or 9 at night and then its diaper change, wrapped up in your wrap, and laid down, but not before many kisses and hugs from mommy, daddy, and kason. We turn on your mobile and shut the light off and close the door. You fall asleep almost right away.

We have put you in your jumping exersaucer and you love it. You try to jump a bit, but mostly you like that you are standing and looking around. Since the weather is getting colder we have been having a fire in the fireplace. You love sitting in your jumper watching the fire. If you are fussy we will set you infront of the fireplace and you will calm down and watch the flames flicker for quite some time.

You also now sit in your highchair seat while we eat dinner. You would get upset if we were eating and you were not watching us. Now you are happy to watch us eat, even though sometimes we feel so guilty eating as you are watching us and drooling and you cannot eat anything yet.

You hate tummy time. You scream and scream until we pick you up. You will not lift your head and look around. You usually lift your legs up and tipping forward on your tummy, cause your face to smush into the blanket. You hate it.

You had your first halloween. You were a super adorable Lady Bug! Mommy actually bought your costume back in August. I saw it right away and had to have it. You got many compliments and everyone loved your costume and thought you were too cute!!

Mommy also took your pictures inside a pumpking. You had only a diaper on, and even though it was a bit chilly outside, the sun was out and you didn't get too cold. Mommy put a blanket inside the pumpkin and you didn't mind it for a few minutes, then you wanted out. You loved watching Mommy throw the leaves in the air and let the drop.

You have been smiling and laughing alot more. You find the most random things to the be the funniest. Daddy was signing the alphabet song one night and was saying the sounds of the letters and when he got to C you started laughing and smiling. For some reason you find the C sound to be too funny!

One of your favorite things to do is stick out your tounge! We have all been doing it to you since you were only a few weeks old and you have loved it. Now you do it ALL the time. You love to have us stick ours out then smile and then you will copy us. It keeps us all entertained for a long time!!

You have brought us so much light and joy into our lives. We love you so much. Kason always wants to give you kisses and hugs and gets upset when other people are holding you too much, he wants you for himself!

Keep growing and exploring and always know we love you so much!

This look cracked me up.Kason had to have pictures taken with you. You are SO loved.You love to watch. You will watch people, the fireplace, animals, anything you can get your eyes on, you are happy watching it.
Happy 3 months Madison, we love you!

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