Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Maddie: 4 months


12lbs 11oz

23.25 in

Dear Madison,

These last four months haev really flown by. I often find myself looking back and trying to figure out exactly where the time has gone. You are getting bigger and bigger each day and every day. You bring so much happiness and peace to our family and home.

You have found your voice these past weeks. You are one loud little girl. You fit in very well in our family. You love to squeal and make all kinds of noises now that you figure out how. There are times that I can hear you from all the way downstairs while you are upstairs!!

You also LOVE to laugh. You are starting to get tickelish under your arms. Your laugh is adorable! You laugh the most when we lift you high in the air and bring you back down fast. you giggle tons when we do that. You also laugh alot at Kason while he is playing with his toys, making funny sounds, or trying to play with you. You sure love him alot, and he loves you tons too.

You love to put your hands in your mouth and chew on them, or mommys hands. You also have been able to put your binky in your mouth now too if you are holding it just right. You also have a few toys you have been holding onto and chewing on, maybe you will be getting teeth soon? you have been drooling alot lately too!!

We have been putting you in your jumper/exersaucer for about a month to two months now and you love it. You now jump and kick and laugh and play forever. You think its the coolest thing ever. You love it when someone helps you bounce higher. I have a feeling you will be the kind of person who wants to go faster and higher at most things, roller coasters maybe? :)

After sitting in your highchair for a month and staring at our food, you finally got to try baby ceral yesterday on your 4 month mark. You LOVED it!! You were pretty hungry and by the time i got it ready you were so upset you wouldnt take it, so we made you a bottle and let you drink 2oz and once you calmed down we fed you your first bite. at first you were not sure what to do with it, but you got the hang of it quiet quickly, which surprised us at how fast you did. You ate the whole bowl!! This morning mommy made you another bowl for breakfast and you loved it as well. I knew you would love food!! We are starting out by mixing two tbs of rice ceral with 1oz formula. you eat every last bite.

You still love baths, especially when Kason is taking a bath and mommy holds you while you play in the tub with him. You mostly just float with most of your body under the water, but you always get a big smile on your face and you just relax.

Yesterday you had your 4month check-up at the doctors. They said you are doing very well and are impressed at how well you stand up. You LOVE to stand. Any chance you get you will stand (we are holding onto your hands) and you can hold up yourself for such a long long time. You have super good balance as well. I think you maybe an early walker, we will see. You got two shots at the doctors, and you were NOT happy about that. You did calm down rather quickly which was nice. Also we had your blood drawn to test if you are alergic to dairy and soybeans, we get the results in 6 days. For the last month you have been on soy formula and have gotten better, but i still think there is something wrong. You are unable to have bowel movements regularly and when you do, they are harder than rocks and you scream and scream until it finally comes out. Similar to your brother when he has dairy. So im hoping to hear back from the doctors ASAP and hope that its the dairy and soymilk thats causing this and not something more serious.

You had your first thanksgiving. We had it with Grandma and Grandpa Larry this year at the church. You got held alot, jumped in a bouncer, and slept. I did sneak a tiny bit of potatoes to you, and you looked at my like i was crazy lol.

I hate how fast time is flying by, but with each day you are gettting stronger and happier and sillier. We love you so much and are so grateful we have you in our family.



when you get excited you stiffen out your legs, throw out your arms and get cute little smiles on your face and usually squeal!

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