Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kason turned 4!!!

It's true. My baby boy turned 4!! Seriously where has the time gone? I remember the day we had him, the anxiousness, the anxiety of a c-section, the joy of holding him in my arms the first time. The way his cheeks felt on my lips when i first kissed him. My shock of having a 9lb 5oz baby with a shock of black hair.I really could not imagine what our life would be like without him. He is has brought so much fun and joy into our family. He is mind is always racing and he is always doing something with his hands, wether its playing with cars, creating inventions with legos, or coloring.

He is such a loving brother. He always wants to hug and kiss Madison. He has never been jealous of her or had any hard feeling towards her. When she is being held alot by others he gets jealous that he is not holding her, not that he wants attention.He is our silly boy! He is always coming up with silly things to say and do. He loves to make up games that we have no idea how to play, but he has rules and everything to go with them!
He is all boy! He loves sticks and getting dirty! He always wants to be with Daddy and help him with boy stuff. He loves to help with the wood, talk about hunting, camping, or just hanging out with Daddy and doing "guy stuff"

He loves to play and have fun with all his friends.

He is very proud that he is 4!! He loves to tell people he is a big brother and that he is getting bigger every day

He is adventerous and loves to try new things, but not with is food. He loves to jump and run and play and swim. He wants to do everything that the big kids are doing

He loves to snuggle, but on his own terms. He loves to watch movies and cuddle up to us with his favorite Blanket Star. He is still very attached to Star Blanket and sleeps with it every night. When he gets hurt he cries for star, not mommy anymore :(

He calls Elevators Alligators and i have no intention on changing it!! :)

He loves the camera, but he has to be in the right mood. Kason is a moody child and doesn't wake up in the best of moods either. He can be a grouch, but then he can be the loviest kid out there!

He doesn't want his teeth to fall out. He saw a show once and they talked about teeth falling out and it made him very upset that he would loose his, he doesnt want big teeth! lol

He always reminds us to say prayer for dinner and bedtime. He loves that he is a sunbeam and gets to go to primary, even though sometimes it's hard to get him to stay and be in a good mood. He is no longer allowed to have toys in sacrament so he uses his markers as toys, silly kid!

He is alergic to milk, but recently has been able to tolerate it in certian foods such as breads, crackers, cakes, frosting, and other cooked products.

He loves noodles, always has.

Big meat eater. loves to eat steaks with his Daddy.

He is also a big popcorn and candy kid, have to watch him on that!!

Again Kason is such a blessing in our lives and i can't believe he is already 4!! Can't wait to see what the next 4 years brings us :)

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