Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Maddie: 2 months


9lbs 15oz

21.25 in
Dear Madison,
You turned two months old yesterday on Kason's 4th birthday!! Papa Cline and Mommy took you and brother to the zoo. While Kason ran around and enjoyed him self you slept and ate your bottle and was very content, which is normal for you. You are such a happy baby, you still only cry when you are hungry or in pain. You love to smile and are started to laugh a little bit!! Daddy can get you to smile so big and everytime without fail.
Mommy changed your formula to sensitive kind because you were so gassy!! You can clear a room my dear, not so lady like :). Also you had tummy issues and were not doing number 2 either. So with this new formula and some bottles with water you have been doing much better.
You love your brother and he loves you so much. He always gives you star to cuddle with and lays with you when you are playing on your floormat toys. He always wants to hold you while he watches movies.
You are drinking 4oz every 4-5 hours and at night time you are going 6-8 hours. Mommy really likes that!! You sleep in your crib at night and still love it. Mommy uses a swaddle blanket and wraps you up tight and sticks your binky in your mouth. You love your binky. you get good night kisses and loves and then mommy says "good night my sweet girl" and puts you to bed. If you are not already asleep, you will talk to yourself for a few minutes and fall right to sleep. During the day you love your swing and will take naps in that or in my arms. You like to snuggle at night with mommy while Daddy and Kason have already gone to bed. Mommy and you usually watches movies or reads a book.
You like to be moving. If the car is stuck at a light too long and your awake you will let us know it's time to start moving. Same as in the shopping cart at the store or in your stroller. You like your swing to be on the fastest it can go. If the batteries start to die, you will let us know!!
You love music. You like your mobile in your crib and the elephants that circle over your head. You Love the lights and music on your swing. Music calms you down if you are crying. You love when Mommy and Daddy and even Kason sing's "I'm a child of God".
This past week you got to hang out with your cousin Andres. He is only 5 days older and you are about the same height but makes you look like a white little stick!! You are my tiny skinny girl. Alot of your pants fall right off of you. You are still wearing newborn diapers, or costco brands 1-2 which are pretty tiny. Mommy made you some fabric shoes since your feet are so skinny and long, nothing much fits them.
You have started to loose alot of your hair. Mostly on top and then it goes around to the back, so all you have left is a tuft of red hair on the crown of your head and the base of the back of your head, and a tiny bit by your ears. You are still dang cute though, and your hair is still nice and red, making your Grandma's and Mommy very happy!
Each day Mommy and Daddy and Kason fall more and more in love with you. We couldn't imagine what life would be like with out our little Maddie girl. You are always so Happy and smiling all the time.
We love you so much!!

you sometimes gives us these worried looks, like this picture. I am always wondering what you are thinking.. maybe "what did i get myself into?" lolYour Grandma Cline made you this blanket! We get complements on it all the time!! so cute.

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