Friday, July 13, 2007

good movie...

So here in Lacey our theater does free kid movie days. they play older kid movies for free at 10am on tuesdays and thursdays. well on tuesday we got there at 9:50 and it was sold out already! no seats what so ever!! teach us for next time right? so we decided to go see Ratatouille. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!! Ethan loved it, the babies loved it! it was great! now in real life i dont like rats, and honestly i was thinking how in the heck were they going to make a rat cute? but look at this little guy!!
how can you not say that is cute? I say go see it. take the kids, go on a date, whatever its a great movie for adults and kiddos. :)

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Amy said...

I've really been wanting to see that one, good to know it's good.
How you feeling these days?