Monday, July 23, 2007

10 more weeks!!

i seriously can't believe in only 10 weeks we will be welcoming our little man into the world!! the time has flown by so quickly! i cant believe it. i swear it was only yesterday i took the test that would change our world forever! Saturday we hit walmart to pick up a few things and swung by the baby section and picked out a cute outfit Kason, for a few bucks! its like a button up camo shirt, but the camo shapes are monkeys! and it has a shirt that goes with it underneath that has a monkey on it. super cute :) :)

Last monday i went and saw Harry Potter in the Imax theater with Clara and Derek. it was awesome i loved loved loved it! i saw it that saturday before (i couldnt wait any longer lol) so i have seen it twice. its amazing. go see it!This weekend was Lake Fair so logan and i got things done on Saturday, got some pants i desepratly needed! checked out handle bars for logans motorcycle... OH OH OH!! LOGAN PASSED HIS MOTORCYCLE DRIVING TEST yay! yay! yay! then we headed down to Lake Fair and walked around, ate some yummy foods and just enjoyed being together. i hate his work schedule! the weekends are our only time to be together. i wish we had more time. especially when Kason comes. i want logan to see him more than the weekends.

Lastnight was the Lake Fair Fireworks. we ended up going WAY ealier then usual, and then sat in the pouring rain for 40 minutes. yes we were the only ones there for a long time! lol then finally the rain stopped and it was more enjoyable. more people showed up. the fireworks were great!! had an awesome time :) :)

Saturday i also got the new Harry Potter book! yay!! Clara ordered it for me from and it came late that afternoon! i cant wait to get further into it! tonight!! so excited!

well everyone hope you have a great day!


Amy said...

Did we go to Lakefair when we were there?

Yay for Logan's driving test, new pants, books, movies, and good times. Hang in there with the schedule, I can TOTALLY relate! :)

The Riggle's said...

Total copiER. I had these pics up fi-irst...I'm gonna te-ell! Do I sound like I'm six?? That's totally what I was going for!!! Harry Potter rocks!!!!!! If you haven't read it yet, you're lame!!!