Monday, July 09, 2007


as i promised here are some pictures from this weekend. The light was PERFECT!!

now Colby had a spill on the slide and split his lip open right when logan and i got there before everyone started showing up.. poor little guy had to go get stitches, but lucky they were there and back within 2 hours! SO QUICK for the E.R. :) the picture is not the best but its about quarter inch wide almost the whole way through the lip if not the whole way through the lip. nothing 3 stitches cant fix!

Alan's face totally cracks me up here! love it!
also a milestone for logan and i....

WHOA the for explorer reached a hundred thousand miles!


Amy said...

Congrats on the explorer! Those are some SERIOUSLY cute kids. Good job getting shots of them when it's icky and hot outside, that's impressive. :) Hope you have a better Tuesday.

AmyG said...

Looks like some fun times!