Friday, March 11, 2011

it's a GIRL!

Thats right everyone!! We are expecting a little girl in August! so excited!!
I think the one most excited is Kason. He has called the baby a girl from the day we found out i was pregnant. He tells everyone the baby is a girl and talks about a sister.
On wednesday we went to the ultrasound appointment and i was excited that Kason and Logan were both able to come :) Everything is normal and perfect!!
When the tech started to look for gender she said "lets see if there are boy parts or girl parts" and Kason got all mad and yelled (we had to get after him lol) at her and said "NO BOY PARTS ITS A GIRL!" it was hilarious! good thing the tech found girl parts!! from the very start of the pregnancy i just kept thinking girl and it got stronger as i got further along.. i'm glad i was right! It will be so fun to have a little girl in the house, help even things out! lol

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