Friday, March 11, 2011

Whats in a name?

I am big on names. I had names picked out in when i was in highschool for my future children. Of course a few of them have changed as i got older. I picked new names once i got married. Logan is a stickler for names. He is tough and shoots down almost EVERYTHING! makes things tough! Well with Kason we had his name picked out before we started trying for kids. So we knew as soon as we had his ultrasound and they said he was a boy we knew that moment he was Kason and from that moment on was called Kason. We even had his middle name picked, which is Logan's middle name.
This time around was harder. Logan and I agreed that i wouldn't talk names until we became pregnant. It was a tough 2 years not discussing names for me lol.
So the day i took that lucky pregnancy test i started talking names, it drove Logan nuts. It shot them all down, i mean hundreds really, and he said that he would know when the right one came, just like with Kason. Well one day we were driving home from Shelton and he brought up names.. it surprised me! He said he had a girl name he really liked and finally he told me after begging for a minute lol
He told me and it was Perfect!! I actually started calling the baby the name from the start, even though we didnt know if it was a girl yet. Kason also would call the baby the name as well. So as soon as we found out on Wednesday it was a girl the baby has been called the name since, instead of IT (which i hate) or the baby.
Are you anxious yet and wanting to know the name finally? Some already know.
But the name we have lovingly picked for our little girl is:
Madison we already agreed that we will most likely call her MADDIE most of the time. Doesn't it sound cute with Kason? Kason and Maddie? :) we like it!
we are still trying to agree on a middle name, so we will see on that one.. :)

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Amy said...

I love it. It's beautiful! Congrats. :D