Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sock Exchange!!

Hey okay.. this is what it is... A sock exchange is where you are sent a letter with two names on it... name number one... you go and buy one pair of socks:: funky, fun, solids:: WHATEVER!!!... then you send it to name number one. Then you Take name number two (the person who sent it to you) and you replace it into the space where name number one was, now it becomes name number one, and you replace the second slot with your name, your name is now the second name onthe paper.... now what you do is send that paper out to 6 friends.. they follow the directions and you will recieve 36 pairs of socks... would anyone like do this? my sister sent me the info and im sending a pair to one of her friends whos name was number one, and now i need to send out 6 letters wiht my sisters name as number one and mine as number two... if you would like to join please let me know via email, or in the comment section of this post, or call me... but i think it would be super fun! you get 36 pairs of socks that are fun and different for the price of one sock!! its fun, not chainmail or anything.. but just something fun to do with the friends.. if youd like to do this, just let me know! thank you!!!


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