Wednesday, September 07, 2005

here and there

this is a LO for the cirlce journal... thought id share part of that.. its one of my favorite pages i did... the theme for this one was YOUR STYLE... so i just did colors and papers i liked... anywho... well what have i been doing since i got back? Friday-Monday Logan and i went camping with my family to dosiwallups... something we have been doing since i was like what 5 or 6!!! Logand i will not be able to be there next year, so im glad we had this year to have funw ith everyone. weather was good for the most part.. a little rain here and there but nothing seriously nasty. Monday we packed up early and headed out to Logan's moms... there we helped can some food, played with the baby bunnies and my waonderful kitten kate. Saw our nephew Colby for a little bit, which was nice, its been a while since i have seen him... Then we went out to Lost Lake with Bre and Alec to their inlaws lake house... wow its nice there and the lake is nice as well... i really had a lot of fun swimming and going in their sauna!! Lastnight Logan and I went out to Olive Garden for our 4month anniversary which is today.. :)... we each got the never ending pasta bowl.. um!!! i tried their new creamy Garlic Cream sauce WOW I LOVE IT!!!! and their 4 cheese sauce! yummy yummmy yummy!!! we had a great time.. and this morning we boht got to sleep in! wow it was nice just relaxing with eachother.. i loved it! well anywho i have to go.. at work and i gotta get things done! ill write alot more soon! Posted by Picasa


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Rae Elizabeth said...


Your circle journal thingie looks're so talented and creative!