Thursday, January 29, 2009

Then & Now

I was going through my pictures of 2008 the other day.. just looking for something to scrap book with and then I realized that Kason will be 16months old on Wednesday (yesterday) and thought it would be fun to compare to pictures from when he was 4 months old and at 16months old, a year later!Kason at 4 months old.. doesnt he look thrilled?Kason yesterday eating noodles... or covering himself with noodles...

Kason at 4months
*Weight-13.4lbs (in the 30 percentile for weight)
*height- lets say 21-22in (i have it written somewhere) (in the 25 percentile for height)
*Smiles alot
*Found his hands and loves to eat them
*Rolls both ways
*scoots about 6-12in at a time
*sits up on his own for about 10 seconds
*Loves to squeal and make noises
*Just started eating veggies
*Loves to take naps
*Addicted to his binky

Kason at 16months

*Weight- 23.4lbs (in the 20 percentile for weight)
*Height- 29.8 in (in the 10 percentile for height)
*Giggles all the time
*Has several different smiles
*Uses his little hands to get him in trouble..
*Walks/runs everywhere
*climbing up on everything
*Doesn't sit still at all!
*Hates veggies unless we put them in a smoothie (we are sneaky)
*Still likes to take a nap
*Binky FREE

I can't think of anything else... right now Kason is Jumping from the couch down to the floor where we put all the couch cushions and pillows for a nice landing pad! lol
I have a few projects to post on here, but i will save that for tomorrow :)

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Clara said...

He has gotten so big. Wow!!