Tuesday, January 13, 2009

little monkey

Kason is our monkey. He loves to climb on, in, over on things. He has already figured out how to get up on the couch and get things we put up on the back of the couch to keep from him, i.e. remotes. Well now he is totally into climbing INTO things. We were at the library one day and he got into the tub of legos and played with them in there instead of on the table like a normal kiddo. I also have found him in the drawers of the entertainment center, his toy tubs, and many other places which just crack us up.I dont think he is too thrilled about me taking pictures and laughing... so he first dumped out all the toys, then climbed in and tried to put the toys back in, while he was still in it... i LOVE this picture!! he is so happy to show off his toy car he got... He has totally gotten into cars lately.. loves to play with them.. he will lay on the floor on his belly and hold them in his hands and drag them back and forth across the floor making car sounds.. BIG smiles!! :)


Amy said...

I love that first photo - it seriously looks like he just finished rolling his eyes. "mo-om, don't take a picture AGAIN!" :) So cute.

Amy G said...

definitely boy! lol

Clara said...

Awwwwww!! He's getting so big. Isn't it funny how toddlers like to use things for everything but what they were made for??