Friday, January 30, 2009

mr. talkie talkie

I love this picture.. it cracks me up.. this is his "what? im doing nothing wrong" face.. in reality he is UP to something! lol

Anywho.. Kason has been very talkie lately.. usually gibberish, but we respond and encourage him to keep talking.. he does say a few words though
Dada= Daddy
Momma= Mommy
LaLa= Laura (yeah its sad he knows me name and calls me that WAY MORE then mama)
Dnannon= Started saying Dannon the other day he skips the first a though and adds an N)
PaPa= We call grandpa PAPA and he started it lastnight!!!
gma= Grandma.. we are close to actually saying grandma
hi or hiya= hi or hi ya.. he says it ALL THE TIME
eiei= Eieio from old mcdonald.. he skips the o
okay= Okay he says this really clear and says it all the time
He has also repeated words for us, but then wont do it again.. he will sometimes say: noodles, cracker, daddy, love you, and amen.
he loves to say prayers and knows that when he is in his chair at the table and we come over with food he folds his arms and waits :) so cute.. and at the end of the prayer he will either say YAY and clap or say amen.. lol :)
thats all we got for now! see ya later gator!


Rob, Brooke and Breanna said...

wow! lots of words, i'm impressed :) i love that he gets so excited about prayers, kids are awesome

Clara said...

Isn't prayer time with kids the cutest?? I love it. Did you know that Cindy next store got the name g-ma like the kids all call her because Tristin always said it wrong? I think it is so fun when kids say things wrong and that what the name becomes. Right now we have Ti-Ti for Alisha and Bumpa for Grandpa. I love it and encourage it a bit. Oh, I don't know if you heard her but Addie has started saying O-Tay instead of Okay. It cracks me up. It is amazing how they start talking like crazy almost overnight.