Monday, February 02, 2009

awesome weekend

and i took no pictures..
Yeah you would think that i would have but i didn't.
On Friday we went to Charlies Safari with Clara and Derek and the kids and let the kids go wild while we chatted. Its been FOREVER since we have seen each other, so it was really nice catching up. Clara has pictures on her blog if you wanna see.. there is a cute one of Kason pushing Addie away while she was hugging him lol.. Kason had a great time running around and climbing, but the little man is getting molars still and was a bit of a crankster.
Saturday we slept in! it was great and we lounged for a bit around the house and watched Open Season 2.. its cute. We then got stuff ready and had friends over to eat dinner and play games! it was so much fun to hang out, im loving the fact that logan has weekend's off! We also had Brinnon and Samantha while Adam and Carrie went to the temple and ate dinner... we had three 2yr olds, 1 one yrd old, and one 5month old.. needless to say the kids ran around and played hard and had fun and ate candy!
Sunday we went to church and then over to Logan's bro's house for the super bowl.. unfourntantly Rodney ended up working late and got there for like the last 5 minutes :( it was a blast still and we loved hanging out the Danelle and the kids.
I love weekends like these.. they are awesome.
i do have a few pictures today.
Kason has a new love.. Nilla Waffers!! he has also been LOVING the couch and sitting on it and watching TV.. well today he combined his loves.

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Amy said...

Your child is adorable. And love him.