Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 random things...

I was tagged on Facebook to write 25 random things about myself.. i figured i would post it on here rather than facebook because well i am still new with facebook and this is familiar and easy! lol
bare with me here...

1. i LOVE carbs! If i could i would eat pasta, bread, potatos etc all day long! also if they were healthy for me i would! :) lol

2. I love doing anthing with my hands: painting, carving, drawing, etc. etc. I love to be creative

3. I am addicted to THE SIMS2 game

4. I hate housework. sweeping, laundry, cleaning anything ... HATE

5. I am the world's best procrastinator. Im really bad at putting things off

6. I love salt. Ask anyone that knows me, i love it. My brother claims that one year for Christmas he is going to get me a salt lick.. ew

7. I love the fact that my birthday falls in the same month as my mom, sister, nephew, and two nieces.

8. I love family gatherings, even though the crowded house, all the kids, and all the noise may drive me nuts i still love it.

9. I like to watch kid shows.. yeah lame i know but i really like Icarly! lol (i dont watch them unless kids are with me i swear lol)

10. I like to read. I have read the Harry Potter series, Twilight series, and many more. I hated reading when i was younger though.

11. I have kept a journal since i was 12 and write in it regularly.

12. im in love with my sewing machine.

13. I usually only will eat my spaghetti with out spaghetti sauce, just butter and garlic salt :)

14. I can curl my tounge into a W shape. When i was younger my brother Josh told me i wasnt cool and couldnt hang out with him unless i could do that.. so i spent HOURS and prolly DAYS trying to curl my toung over and over again until FINALLY i did it! lol he still thought i was lame though...

15. I think Peanut is hillarious and i cry everytime i watch him. seriously YOUTUBE jeff dunham and Peanut you will die laughing.

16. I would love to travel the world.

17. I love to wear logan's pj pants and one of his t-shirts.. so comfy! lol

18. I love being a mommy. Kason is such a wonderful child and when the time is right and we are in the right place we will have more kids so Kason is not an only child! :)

19. I am estatic that Logan's new job has benefits right away.. we despreatly need health insurence!

20. i LOVE shoes :)

21. I miss Utah. I never thought i would but i do. I dont want to live there again, but visit for sure. There were so many things Logan and I did there that we dont do here, or that here doesnt have like Dollar Theaters, Training Table etc. etc.

22. I hate calling people. I am always a nervous wreck when calling.. i know totally LAMO but still.. i hate it.. even calling family lol

23. Some of my favorite movies are disney or pixar movies.

24. I love sour candy. If it didnt give me sores in my mouth i would eat it all day long.

25. I love Ikea. I could stay there for 4+ hours just looking around.. oh hey I HAVE! lol Logan watched Kason one time and i went alone and i got a call 4 hours into shopping asking if i was close to home.. whoops! i lost track of time :)

there you have it! 25 random things about me.. very exciting huh? now im am to tag 25 people to do this about themselves, but i dont think i know 25 people! so if you wanna do it, then have fun! :)


Amy said...

Utah misses you too. :)

Carrie said...

No...I'M the one getting you a salt lick! :)