Thursday, February 19, 2009

Project 365

Hey everyone!!
So there is a challenge/project going around the scrapbooking world. Its called PROJECT 365. Whats this you ask?? its where you take a picture a day and jot down a few notes about it and save it on the comp. Then at the end of the one year mark you will have an entire year of memories. They dont have to be major things.. like take a picture of the dentist office when you, the park, grocery store, driving alone in the car with NO kids, etc. etc. etc.
Almost everyone started this in Jan. At the new year, but yeah i didn't i sarted last friday! go me! lol but its okay because i will just continue it until next year on Feb 13. Im excited about this and i have made a new blog.. check it out and leave comments if you want!! hint hint lol


there is also a link on the right -----> side of the screen :) its called "our life in 365"
I CHALLENGE YOU TO PLAY ALONG! its not hard, its the uploading that i forget but remember at midnight! lol

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