Friday, February 13, 2009


So about a week ago Logan was taking down our fisherprice rain forest play yard, which we LOVE.. and well he hasnt takened it down before.. i usually do.. and well he didnt know there was a button to press to put the side down and well he forced it and then the button stuck and its been broken since :( so sad because we LOVE it alot. So we were going to take it back to target and we are leaving down for the weekend so we were going to take it back to Target tonight.. i wanted to check online first to make sure they carried it still.. well we couldnt find it at or anywhere else!! then i googled it and found a recall on it! They just recalled it in late Janurary and recalled all fisherprice rainforest play yards made from Jan 2007 until very recent.. well ours was made during that time and there was something about about 2,000 injuries complaints about the sides failing and hurting children! YIKES! so we did all the steps and getting our refund but its still scary to know that we have been putting Kason in this thing and other children never knowing it was unsafe!
So now im looking online for a new one for under 99$ because this is what this one cost and its what we are getting back to buy a new one. (yes Rae you bought our child a death trap but we still love you! lol) just kidding Auntie Rae Rae.
Anywho.. i am searching and searching and not finding one as cool as this one! this one had two levels to have the child at, changing table, diaper organizer, and battery powered mobile that plays music and spins!! (our fav part) i dont think there is one out there that has all that though! :( sad news people! so anywho if you have a playpen that you LOVE under 99$ let me know :) thanks!! and if you have this playpen GOOGLE it and you will find the link to get a refund!!
(yes two boring posts in one day so sorry!)

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