Wednesday, February 11, 2009

as promised

So for the past week or so both my camera's had dead batteries. Yeah seriously.. im that lame. I would pick one up to take a picture of Kason doing something priceless then i would realize that the battery was dead.. and then would i charge it... NO! I FINALLY charged them this morning! I'm lucky that i did because i caught Kason doing the following:What you see here is Kason pulling up on the gate, while standing on his quad... he's a sneaky one i tell you.. sneaky!
whoops he was caught and realized it...
Now he is trying to figure out how he can continue without getting his trouble..
He never made it over, but he was close.. only a matter of time.. seriously as stated before he is a MONKEY.. speaking of monkey's.. i found a website to make a cute sock monkey.. and while at Target the other day found a fun pair of socks on sale for .99cents! cant beat that right?
Here is the stripy jailbird monkey! lol Kason loves him already and totes him around everywhere.see im not lying!
Kason has also learned a new "trick"... He can open our door!! He has been trying for about a week or so, and now he figured out how to get up on his tip toes and push with one arm on the shoe rack to give him just that much needed height to grab the handle and pull!!Thats some major arm stretching!Check out the toe action going on here, thats strength!!He see's freedom!
And out he goes!! unless he has shoes on he wont go off our front porch area.. but 99.9% of the time the door is locked so there is no worries at all about our child escaping..

And the last picture.. i saved it for last.. i am in LOVE with this picture for some reason.. not sure why.. but i LOVE it!!
Prolly cause it shows off his big beautiful eyes and the coloring is awesome here :)
man i think its almost time for ANOTHER haircut! seriously?!

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Amy said...

Awww....he's adorable. I love it.