Friday, February 13, 2009

who knew?

That which brand of dog food and what veggies and meat and grain that are in it could really effect your dog in a big way?
Well maybe you did, but i sure didn't. We have had Dannon for almost 2 years now and we have always given her Pedigree food for small breeds. My dad and mom have the same breed of dog and theirs loves it. so when we lived with them that's what Dannon ate and when we moved out, Thats what Dannon continued to eat. Then she started to get red on her tummy.. then it got worse.. then her skin got scaley and i wont go into details but ew.
We were stumped.
We washed her blankets thinking that maybe it was something on them.. that did nothing.
We gave her bathes regularly so we changed soaps thinking that was it.. nope
Then someone mentioned her food. That tons of dogs are alergic to corn in their food and almost ALL dog food have it. I didnt think too much of it until her skin got worse and then i googled skin problems with Rat Terriers and i got TONS of information.. Like did you know that my dog will live to be 18+ years? Kason will be in highschool if she lives this long! holy cow!
anywho it told us that Rat terriers have skin issues alot and that it can be caused by her food. it also mentioned that the dog can eat and eat and eat the food for months or years and then one day become alergic! seriously!? oi!
So I scouted out the stores and its really REALLY hard to find food without corn in it.. really hard!
Then i thought i got some and got it home, went to open it and saw that in the grain section of ingredients it said "CORN" SERIOUSLY! i just bought a SMALL bag for almost 15 bucks! yeah this stuff is PRICEY! so the poor pup is still on her regular food until we can find good stuff.. then this morning i looked up petsmart and found this:Its made for Terrier breeds. It has NO CORN and its all natural. Then i realized that this stuff maybe perfect but how much? its only 10 bucks! its not a big bag, but its better than anything i have found yet.. and the reviews said that its worked wonders and their dogs have been great since getting on the food.
lets hope!

okay so i think i just gave WAY more information about dog food then you prolly ever wanted to know.. sorry! lol

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