Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our trip

Hey everyone! So as i said before we went up to Canada for the three day weekend. We had a alot of fun.
So why did we go to Canada?? To get a car of course! duh! why else? lol
Totally random huh? See Logan's step-mom (Kit) is from Canada and her Mom lives there with her Husband and they just traded in their beautiful almost perfect condition car. Its a 2005 Ford Torus. Sage green with a few MINOR small small scratches. It has 6 disc changer, power seats, power mirrors the works really. We were able to purchase it for a ridiculous low price so we snatched it up since our other cars, (besides the explorer) are pretty much crap. lol
So ANYWHO long story short we bought a car.
We stayed up at my Uncle and Aunt's house (steve and marilynn). They live about 20 minutes from the border. It was awesome to hang out with them and see my cousins and their kidlets. Kason loved playing with Issac who is just 2 months older than he is. It was lots and lots of fun!

We got up early saturday morning and met his dad and step mom and followed them up to Canada. We stopped at a rest stop north of Seattle and got out and stretched and walked a bit and used the restroom. There was a giant redceder chunk of tree. Kason thought it was cool to touch it.This picture cracks me up i love it! he is getting so big its crazy!!Logan and Kason next to the large redcedar tree chunk thing! lol just a funny shot of Kason

We then went on up to Canada. The wait was VERY short and we got right on in! At the dealership they had a ballpit for the kids to play in while the parents bought a new car. So Kason and I headed in there and played. It was the first time Kason was in a ball pit and he was weary at first but them LOVED it and was all over the place playing (we were the only ones in it) so he was happy to have the whole thing to himself!He sat there for a bit wondering what to do.He did make his way in and played and threw the ballsIt looked tough to walk through. I was happy he was getting all his energy out though! lolHe loves to stick out that tounge!!
Afterwards we went to Kit's moms and stepdads and visited for a little bit and then headed down to my Uncle and Aunts house. Kason had a blast playing with all the toys and running around and around their kitchen and dinning room (made a large loop) and having the dog chase him!He thought that a plastic dish would make a great hat! it was pretty funny!Sitting on Uncle steve with Indie near by!
The next day we headed up to Canada again, but this time it was just Logan and I and Kason and we went into Vancouver and spent the day there doing all the free toursisty things you could do!
This is a shot as we drove into Vancouver!
So it thought this was funny!! This is the sign you see right before you go into an intersection with cameras. I thought it was funny they used the oldest camera they could fine to represent the hightech cameras on the stoplights. lol
First we went to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. There are two in Vancouver, the Capilano Bridge and the Lynn Canyon Bridge. We wanted to do the Capilano bridge because its HUGE but it cost WAY too much money for us to walk across and back.. so we found this bridge online and it was FREE. It was still huge and scarey to walk accross with Kason. This is a view from the otherside. Trying to get a picture of these two is tougher than it looks! this cracks me up!I love it. Its totally classic Kason. A fun artsy shot of the bridge
As we drove from the bridge to Stanley Park
Driving over a bridge.. see that skyline way out there.. thats Vancouver and we werent that far from it! I took so many pictures of us driving in the city lol no worries i wont bore you with them alllook they have a Costco right downtown Vancouver! right above it were apartments!A cool car logan made me take a picture ofAs we drove around stanley park they had sculpturesWe were parked and while i got the parking pass Kason was sitting on Logans lap "driving"Smiles!That tounge AGAIN!The view from Prospect point by the Lions Gate Bridge in Stanley Park. A nice shot of LoganWe got some icecream and ate inside, because it was WINDY and cold when the wind blewThis was the picture of Kason i got right as i said ALL GONE.. poor kid wanted more lol
This is Third Beach at stanley Park. On the right side of the picture are rocks and when the tide is WAY out they are exposed and you can walk out on the them and see starfish.. sadly we timed it all wrong and was not able to go out and see them oh well.
I had fun in adobe with this pictureThe original. There were tons of Sailboats out.We tried to go here.. Its Granville Island. Its like Pikes place here in Seattle but larger and it has tons and tons of different markets.. some for kids, adults, shops, open air markets, produce etc. etc. etc. the traffic was SO bad that it was crazy and we decided that we should head back to make it for dinner with Steve and Marilynn. Passed out within minutes of getting into the car! lol He slept until the border.. so did i! Then we hit what was to be an hour wait... it ended up being an hour and a half! We knew he would not make it to the border in his seat the whole time so we let him sit on our laps.. NO WORRIES WE BARLEY WENT 2 MILES AN HOUR! really we were stopped then inched forward.Kason driving the car
The only shot of us all weekend long! lolTrying to push buttons
Showing off this tounge AGAINA shot of myself.. FINALLY the border!!
We went back to Steve and Marilynn's and had dinner with them and my cousins and their kids. It was fun to hangout and watch tv with them. After everyone left and my Dad and Adam FINALLY made it up there (they were going skiing the next day at Baker) we played mexican train and had tons of fun making jokes and being totally loopy!
The next day we woke up late and relaxed, packed and then headed down to my Uncle's store. He owns a true value in his town and so we went down there. He also has a TON of motorcycles in the back that he is fixing up. Logan loved to see them all and Kason found this in the back...A fun airplane. Steve was nice and gave it to us to play with. Thanks Steve! We then grabbed lunch and headed out back to home. We ran into traffic in a few places but other than that it was decent traffic for being a holiday.We were welcomed home with this sunset! :)
Kason was a great kid the whole time. we drove alot and he did excellent and only fussed a few short times. Also we found out friday that he is getting his TOP molars now and then when i was brushing his teeth on monday night when we got home i saw that he is now getting his I teeth as well! poor kid! he just got done getting in his bottom molars and now he is getting two top molars and two I teeth (which are the worse) so needless to say he is cranky.. oi!
Thanks for hanging in there with my tons and tons of pictures! :)


Amy said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! Thanks for I can pretend I went to Canada. :)

Rob, Brooke and Breanna said...

You guys sure did a lot in a short amount of time...i'm impressed. Makes me want to go up to Vancouver, we've been there once before Breanna was born, but the only thing I don't want, is ALL that driving! Sounds like Kason was great :)

Amy G said...

looks like a fun time! I love some of your processing on these.