Wednesday, January 07, 2009

About time for some pictures?

Okay so i mentioned before that our computer died.
Well Eric, my brother in law, is this computer genius and worked on our computer for us. It took a bit but he worked his magic and the virus was gone and everything was fixed!! we get it home and it works for about 3 hours and then BAM! it stops! it starts beeping and acting all weird and funny.. so when we saw them again (Christmas day) he took it back to fix it again, but once he got it it worked fine! so we got it back and its been great for a week now.. so yay!
This morning i finally uploaded all our pictures since before Christmas!
i thought this blog could use some so here we go.. ill do a few now and some later, gotta go do laundry...
Oh as an update.. Kason is COMPLETELY off the BINKY! yay!! after my last post everything continued to go smoothly and now he doesn't even care about it. We have even been around children who take binkies and he doesn't take it away or anything, in fact he has tried to stick them back in their mouths when they fall out! we totally lucked out! yay!!

Kason is very independent. He likes to do things on his own. He has always been like this too. As soon as he could he would hold his own bottle, he would even do it when he was too little to hold it up so we held it but he always helped! lol. Since he has started walking he wants to do everything on his own, walk to the car, walk here, walk there etc. etc. Its nice since i don't have to carry him so much anymore, but i have more control on where he goes when i hold him lol.
Well his Independence has now leaked into eating. For a long time he has always ate on his own, table foods. well with things like soup, yogurt etc. i would feed him because its way too messy.. well yeah now he will only do it himself! so the following pictures are of when i made soup.
such concentration!
he was so proud of himself!
going in for more
So Logan got a turkey for Christmas from work. We already had turkey's in the freezer so i was not 100% thrilled.. well we thawed it and made it anyway (im not the biggest turkey eater) and it was way better than expected! The next day i took the leg bones with meat on them and boiled it with veggies and then added rice and added more turkey, took out the bones and shredded the meat off of it and then put it all back together.. the soup turned out WAY yummy! we all enjoyed it especially Kason! i felt so domestic! lol i even took the extra meat still left on the turkey that had not been eaten yet and shredded it, separated the light and dark meat and froze it in 1lb bags.. again i was like Suzy homemaker! lol
It was soo good :)
I LOVE kason's feet. im not a foot person. I only like baby cute chubby feet then they get ewww Kason is right before that time when they become eww to me so im taking it in lol
We wanted to get our tree from a local guy here that has family who owns a tree farm and he takes a few and sells them at his house for way way cheap.. well he never answered his door so we ended up being desperate and then the snowstorm hit here in town so we went to walmart. It was just over a week form Christmas so it was slim pickins and we lucked out with it being on sale and got a decent one. Well once we finally got home we realized we didn't have a tree stand, it got left in Utah and last year we used my parents, well this year they used it and so we needed to pick one up.. make a long story short.. after going INTO 8 stores and CALLING 10 more we finally picked up one on the west side. Driving in the snow all the way over there sucked because of all the traffic and the panicked drivers! ug...
Our poor tree stood outside our door for the night and by the time we got that tree stand it had snowed MORE and our poor tree had icicles and snow all over it.. we had to shake it off and pick off the icicles before it came inside.lights on a tree are just magical! this year we went with white lights instead of colored and im glad we did its so pretty! :)
Also shortly after i posted that post about decorations i found a cool link to make 3d snowflakes and then i found one to make these star balls things anywho i ended up making a TON and hanging them from our ceiling and it turned out awesome!i made more after this picture but this is just to give you an ideaour stockings i made last year. The quilt they are laying against is made from the same material. I decided that i wanted to make a quilt from it (they were old flannel shirts) i didnt think there would be enough material so i was thinking just like a small decorative peice to go on the back of the couch, well i ended up getting enough material for a 4x6 foot quilt! seriously! its the warmest ever and we use it daily!!
Each year we give eachother (logan and I) an ornament, and when Kason was born he gets one each year. This year he got three. He got an Elmo one that came with Grover and then Logan found a husky football one and HAD to get it for Kason so we did.super cute huh!Christmas morning! kason ran right to the elmo and then saw the quad and jumped on! i have more pictures of christmas morning i just need to download those ones... in due time :)
Christmas eve and Christmas day went very well and it was wonderful to be around family. hope everyone had a great Christmas this year and i will post more soon :)


Amy said...

Love the pictures, love the blanket (Seriously! Love it!), love the stockings, tree, presents. Sigh. Christmas is good.

The Riggle's said...

Looks like life is good in the McGee household!! I'm glad you had a great Christmas!!

cory said...

i love the feet pic! glad kason's doing well with the no binky thing.