Tuesday, December 30, 2008

binky diaries:day three

Yesterday went SO well!! I am babysitting Brinnon and Samantha this week and Kason has been loving the playmates. He is doing way better with Samantha than i thought. When i watch Oliver im always afraid to let him play on the ground because well Kason is a curious child and he likes to touch the littles ones.. well he pretty much ignored her all yesterday which is good! yay.
onto the binkies.
Kason has been without Binkies since Saturday and doing fantastic. He went down for his nap and bedtime great! He didnt take his afternoon nap yesterday and i think it was because Brinnon and Samantha is here and wanted to play so we will see about that, but he is doing great. I have noticed though that without the binkies he is alot more talkative and emotional lol. he is starting tantrums now which is not tolerated here so hopefully that will stop sooner than later! lol normal toddler stuff though.
well i will have pictures up eventually, christmas went well but we are again without our computer so we will see...
anywho have a great day!

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cory said...

uh oh - we have started giving in and letting oliver have a binky sometimes! i am not a fan of seeing older kids with one either, and i wanted to avoid it all together ... but the kid has developed an insatiable urge to suck on something and i caved! i'm still trying to limit it to naptime only. i hope it won't bother kason!