Monday, December 29, 2008

binky diaries:day two

5 minutes after my last post Kason starting coughing (we have bad colds) and it woke him up. he cried for about 10 minutes. i went and calmed him down and then he cried about 10 more minutes and then fell asleep! slept for a long time then woke up with gas pains, poor kid has been having a few issues with #2 again... after some meds and lovin he went right back down and slept until morning!
So yesterday was day two, also it was church which ment Kason needed to behave and be quiet. Yeah we usually end up in the foyer anway and let him play out there because he hardly ever lasts in the chappel. Well he did yesterday! Logan had to work, which is normal, so off Kason and I went and i packed our bag with books and quiet toys to keep him happy. It worked for a bit, then he totally had a great time "reading" the hymn book and he had a moment towards the end, but other than that he did wonderful! we did go home early because church is in the middle of his naptime and he never can last more than about 1.5 hours so its expected. only 3 months until he can go into nursery!!
we got home and he ate lunch and i put him down for nap. He cried for maybe five minutes and then he slept for 4 hours!!!
he played really well after that and ate alot of dinner which is always good! he went down to bed perfectly too!
so far we are doing great and going cold turkey on this thing has been WAY better than expected!
bring on day three!

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Amy said...

Good job! I'm glad it's going so well. :)