Saturday, December 27, 2008

the binky diaries: day one

So today is the day we took the binky away.
Logan and I decided a bit after Kason was born that we didnt want him to have the binky forever. It always bugged us to see 3 and 4 year old running around with a binky in their mouth. So we said that we would take it away after he turned one and he was off the bottle first. Well he wiened off the bottle in a day and had no problems and did all this at 11 months! so we waited until the holidays were over so we could take the binky away on a normal schedule and not one that was packed with shopping, visiting family, short naps, going to bed late etc. etc. pretty much everything entails when you have a 1 year old.
So Christmas is over and away it went. I rounded them all up and stuck them up high and out of sight. Our first intention was to give it to him only at bed time and nap time for awhile then take it away at nap and bed time.. well today we went shopping... he was okay...
On the way there he dropped a toy on the floor of the car and started to scream for it (yeah we are working on the talking too lol) and usually he will stop screaming after a few seconds and stick in his binky.. well no binky.. so after a few minutes he stopped and looked outside and was fine for the rest of the time.
While at the store he got tired of toys and it was his nap time so he was extra cranky.. we cut that trip short and he cried in the car for about 1o minutes and fell asleep.. thats when i decided cold turkey is our way through this.. so no more binkies! not for naps or bedtime...
we got home and i put him in his crib... he usually will fall back asleep no problems well this time he cried for 35 minutes then stopped and then would start up again for like 10 minutes then be quiet again for about 20 then do it again.. this lasted 2 hours.. i turned the monitor all the way down until their was no volumn but i could see the lights turn on when he cried.
the rest of the day was fine.. he was tired but not horriable. Adam and Carrie went out on a date so i had Brinnon and Samantha and i was fearing his bedtime because i thought he would pull what he did at nap...
NOPE! he cried for 5 minutes.. like screaming cry but then stopped and is alseep! YAY!!! that went WAY better than expected! so hopefully he will forget his faithful friend and we will hear more talking and smiles with out the plug in! :)
wish us luck!

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