Monday, December 08, 2008

I gave birth to a monkey boy

Yeah you read that right. Kason is a monkey. Full blown (not as hairy though) monkey! He quickly learned to climb the stairs at a young age and is now a pro at it. He loves to go to gym class and climb the soft stairs, tunnels, blocks etc. they have there as well as at Charlie's Safari. He loves the playground too. Well it should be no surprise to us that if we leave a box in the living room he would find a way to climb in. Infact he has also learned to climb from the extra toddler carseat we have in the living room unto the chair and look out the window (no worries he is always watched when doing this) He loves to climb in the the big round chair we have too and try to play with Dannon. (she thinks its her chair and shes the boss- yeah right girl!) lolKason also likes to find his baby monitor and play with it. He uses it as a phone and holds it up to his ear and gabbers away. Its pretty funny and cute. The picture above is his "mommy is it okay i have this face"mmMMmMmmm.. tasty!
Here are the curtians i made with some help from my mom! :) thanks mom!
i loved this fabric the moment i saw it and knew i had to make curtians from it.Kason met Santa!! Costco had a family and friends night on saturday where they opened their doors for family members and friends and the community too i think? anywho... they had Santa there and instead of samples they were passing out free pizza slices!! they also had a scavenger hunt and prizes.. it was alot of fun :)
Sunday night was Logan's work Christmas Party and it was really fun. It was black tie, but in the eyes of Costco black tie ment dress up nice. So i wore my really nice black dress (first time!) and curled my hair all pretty (i never took pics!! lol) and dropped Kason off with Adam and Carrie and off we went and had a great time. We had dinner and danced and laughed at the drunks! lol They had alot of prizes to win but we didnt win any!! so sad! oh well it was nice to get out and have fun... could not remember the last time logan and I slow danced!! yikes! i miss that and i want to dance more! in the rain. in the streets. logan wont let me lol. wonder why? :)
have a great night everyone!!

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The Riggle's said...

The curtains turned out way cute. I love them. I am so jealous that Kason has gotten to see Santa. I haven't taken the kids yet but plan to next weekend at Cabela's. I'm gonna get them all dressed up in their little dressup clothes. So fun.